Welcome to the home of the Grass Valley-Sacramento area owner-assisted annual inspection page.  Are you used to annuals costing $500, $1000, or more?  We have a way for you to do a lot of the "busywork" on your annual yourself and save a great deal of money in the process.  Interested?  Download any of the documents you see below that interest you and read them to your heart's content.

Please give us as much lead time as you can -- at least two weeks so that we can get your paperwork in order before we start the inspection.  When you are ready to schedule your airplane, download the INITIAL DATA form (item #6, below), fill it out and email it to   jim@rst-engr.com   and we will start the process.  (You can also reach us by telephone at 530.272.2203 days or 530.272.1432 nights if you must.)

You may need some programs to read the files on these data pages.  Mostly, they are freebies or demo programs that allow you to read the file in it's original format.   What I've found is that trying to put technical files into some format other than the format I originally used is guaranteed to cob up the works.  Click here to go to the locations for downloading programs you may need to use this website.

DOCUMENTS FOR DOWNLOAD (all in pdf format):

  1. The COVER LETTER explaining our service in general terms.
  2. Our ANNUAL POLICIES so that you know what you will be getting for your money.
  3. Some excellent PARTS SOURCES for oil, tires, repairs, and the like at discount prices.
  4. Some ideas on HOW TO USE our system and documents.
  5. Our EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT free inspection policy.
  6. A handy INITIAL DATA  form to get the ball rolling on your annual. (Email it back to us.)
  7. Some useful FAA FORMS (5 pdf files zipped into one file)
  8. The aircraft Model Files with checklists, weight/balance, and logbook spreadsheets:

    Cessna 150-152 (Word and Excel files)

    Cessna 172 (Word and Excel files)

    Cessna 177 (Word and Excel files)

    Cessna 182 (Word and Excel files)

    Piper PA-22 (Word and Excel files)

    (Note -- we create these Model Files on demand...if your airplane is not listed here, we will create your model when you agree to have us annual your airplane.)



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Jim Weir

15 November 2008