Jim Weir



January 2005


Welcome to the free RST Engineering Amateur Radio Course site.  This site is intended to take any level person, from zero radio knowledge through experienced engineer, to be able to pass the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Amateur examination.

This course is predicated on you starting on or before the 26th of January 2005.  You may start earlier with no problems.  However, if you start late, then you must "double up" on some of the work so that you finish on time.  Step 4 (and the optional step 5) requires you to take practice exams with a 90%+ grade continuously for a week before the actual exams.

This particular version of the Course is intended for an examination session on February 26th, 2005 at Sierra College (both the main Rocklin Campus and the Nevada County Campus in Grass Valley CA 1).  The examinations are $4 for as many of the license classes as you wish to take, but if you fail an exam and want to take it over, there is another $4 fee.  We will do as many "take-overs" as the time allotted allows.   You will receive particular information on where and when the examinations are scheduled a week before the exam.

My name is Jim Weir, and I'll be your "Elmer"  (ham radio lingo for "guide") to this process.  I will NOT be your teacher; this site is intended to let you teach yourself the amount of knowledge about amateur (ham) radio you desire ... all the way from the no-code Technician class license through Amateur Extra class.


Note:  To proceed past this point after the 15th of January 2005, you will need a user name and a password.  There is no cost of any sort to get this information; I only want to know which of my students are taking this course and some idea of how many people will be taking the exam on the 26th of February.  To get the user name and password, send me an email by clicking here.

You will get the username and password (both common phrases, easy to remember) by return email.  Your email address will ONLY be used by me to send out notices of chat meetings, exam dates/times/places and the like and will be erased at the end of the course.