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Antennas -- A Primer


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An old narrowband stainless steel whip Two broadband COM antennas and a stainless steel narrowband antenna A classic transponder rod with the b-b on the end
A VOR catswhisker antenna on the fin of a metal ship. Foreground is a transponder broadband blade, to the right is an ADF sense/loop pancake, and far center is another transponder blade The classic marker beacon "J" bent wire antenna
John Mireley's Aero Comp Air 8 hidden VOR antenna.  The reception will be best towards the top of the picture.   (photo courtesy Mireley with email permission) Hiroo Umeno's Velocity SUV hidden glideslope antenna.  This "V" is right at the limits for angle.  The reception will be best towards the top of the picture. (photo courtesy Umeno with email permission) No Picture 9 this month.
No Picture 10 this month No Picture 11 this month No Picture 12 this month


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Jim Weir

12 June 2000