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April '02


Battery Desulfator


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IMAGES (click on image to download)

Pulses at X105  35 volt pulses

returning to 12 volts between


The ringing of a pulse driven into

a battery.  Ignore top trace.

Image 1 expanded horizontally. 

Note that the pulse sag from 35 to 

25 volts indicates sulfation

Waveform of a good battery 

having gone through desulfation.

Note 20 volt pulse height limitation

as opposed to 35 volts in image 1.

Image 3, but with a "good"


Not much chance for recovery of

this battery.

Image 6 expanded Faceplate artwork There is no image 9 this month
There is no image 10 this month There is no image 11 this month There is no image 12 this month


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Jim Weir

12 March 2002