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Installing the Microair 760 Transceiver


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Click on schematic to download (pdf format) Click to download PCB artwork  and schematic (if any)  in Circuitmaker and Traxmaker format.    (zip file)


IMAGES (click on image to download)

Manufacturing Drawing For Installation Plate. Ground-down PEM mounting nuts. Using the grinding wheel to grind down the mounting nuts.
DB-15 to Karmic adapter cable. DB-15 to Karmic adapter cable. Installation into the instrument panel (rough)
Installation into the instrument panel (rough) Barrier strip electrical installation.  Note Karmic - Microair connector set at right. Installation (final)
Firing it up for the first time...worked perfectly (almost).  Note the time -- 5:40 pm two days prior to leaving for Oshkosh. The MFJ Antenna Analyzer testing a 1.2:1 VSWR antenna at 122.95 MHz. There is no image 12 this month


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Jim Weir

07 August 2001