CIE-1 Quiz 7

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1: A certain transformer has 1000 turns of wire on the primary and 150 turns of wire on the secondary. If you plug the primary into a home wall outlet, what will be the approximate voltage measured at the secondary
17 volts AC
17 volts DC
760 volts AC
170 volts AC
2: The transformer works well with a core of
ceramic or teflon
steel or ceramic
iron or ferrite
mylar or wood
3: For the transformer in question 1, if we draw one ampere from the secondary, approximately how much current will be drawn by the primary
7 amperes
150 milliamperes
660 milliamperes
510 milliamperes
4: If we plug the transformer in question 1 directly into the wall socket and accidentally short across the secondary, the most probable result will be
the saturation of the iron core
a large electric bill at the end of the month
A melted (burned out) secondary
a melted (burned out) primary
5: A fuse is
a highly doped semiconductor that conducts to reduce current
A complex circuit that limits current
a piece of wire or metal desiged to melt at a particular current
a device intended to be replaced by a gum wrapper or a penny
6: The most serious effect of the situation in question 4 above may well be
a fire
a lot of smoke
a terrible hum
a blinding arc
7: A switch
is made from ceramics and copper
can only switch one circuit at a time
is a complex device
is two or more pieces of metal touching or not touching
8: The first component in a power supply after the wall plug is
a switch
a fuse
a transformer
a diode
9: A single diode and transformer make a
diode bridge
full wave rectifier
half wave rectifier
half wave filter
10: Two diodes and a transformer make a
diode bridge
full wave rectifier
half wave rectifier
half wave filter
11: The electronic component used to take our pulsating DC and smooth it out is called a
filter capacitor
tuning capacitor
bypass capacitor
half wave filter
12: Almost universally, capacitors used in power supplies are
13: Typical values for filter capacitors are
hundreds of picofarads
thousands of microfarads
tens of nanofarads
hundreds of farads
14: One likely result of installing an electrolytic capacitor backwards is
light and smoke
increased efficiency
foil and goop
15: The "78" of the 7805 regulator means
it is limited to 78 milliamperes output current
it was designed in 1978
it is a positive regulator
the person who designed it was born in 1978
16: The "05" of the 7805 regulator means
it has a regulated 5 volt output
it was manufactured in 2005
the person who designed it was born in 1905
it has a 5 ampere output rating
17: Velocity may be expressed as
sqirds per gigasecond
amperes per coulomb
unicorns per acre
furlongs per fortnight
18: On the transformer box, the voltage between either red terminal and black was about _________ volts and _________ volts between the two red terminals
24, 12 volts AC
12, 24 volts DC
12, 24 volts AC
24, 12 volts DC
19: A 1N4002 is a
power resistor
rectifier diode
integrated circuit
filter capacitor
20: Your transformer box appears "dead". Check
that it is plugged into a "live" socket and that the fuse isn't blown
that the toggle switch hasn't gone bad by toggling it back and forth
the inside of the box for a loose connection
inside the box with a voltmeter to see if the wall socket voltage is present
21: A "black dot" on a schematic drawing indicates a
no connection
very small diode
22: The "12" part of the 7812 voltage regulator means
It will supply up to 12 amperes
It will be out of warranty in 2012
the output voltage is 12 volts
Nobody under age 12 can use it
23: Looking at the front of the 7805 regulator with the pins pointing down, the pins are from left to right
output, ground, input
input, ground, output
input, output, ground
output, input, ground
24: The LM78xx series of regulators can
give a variable output voltage
be used as stable oscillators
be used as negative regulators by swapping input and output pins
provide at least 1.0 amperes of current
25: One connection not shown on the diagram on page 6 of the lab to comply with OSHA requirements is
that the box be painted orange
a ground to the metal box from the third (missing) wire on the wall plug
that the constructor of the box mark their initials on the inside of the box
that the box be constructed of nonmetallic parts

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