This quiz will be taken twice, once at the beginning of the semester and once at the end of the semester.
MECH14 Quiz

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1: T104 on a schematic designates:
the 104th transistor
the 4th transistor
the 4th transformer
a random transistor
2: A schematic uses ___ and a pictorial uses _____
letters numbers
symbols images or pictures
numbers letters
images or pictures symbols
3: Circuitmaker transfers information to Traxmaker by
cut and paste
a direct digital link
an automatic link
a netlist file
4: PC board material
solid copper
is a copper-fiberglass "sandwich"
copper plated over ceramic
silver plated copper over bakelite
5: A "mil" is shorthand for
one thousandth of an inch
one millionth of an inch
one millimeter
one mother in law
6: Solder is
pure tin
an alloy of copper and tin
an alloy of tin and lead
an excellent "glue"
7: Line cord color coding: hot, neutral, ground:
black, white, green
green, black, white
red, white, blue
red, black, green
8: First component the hot wire of the line cord is connected to:
9: A potentiometer is
a meter with a needle
a digital voltmeter
a variable resistor
another name for an integrated circuit
10: An LM 317 is
a type of capacitor
a voltage regulator
the Apollo 317 Lunar Module
a pc board material specification
11: An offset mounting hole on a pc board
helps stabilize the mounting angle
is necessary to balance the magnetic structure
keeps the board from being installed upside down
is not a recommended procedure
12: LEDs generally run with a current around
2.5 milliamperes
25 milliamperes
250 milliamperes
2500 milliamperes (2.5 amperes)
13: Clearance diameter for a #4 screw is about
14: Component designations are screened onto the pc board using
the top overlay layer
laser labels
green ink
the board layer
15: Relief holes on a metal chassis
allow trapped water to vent
allow easier riveting
prevent transmigration
keep the metal from cracking
16: The one safety item you MUST use when working in the toolroom is/are
steel-toed shoes
safety glasses
a welder's apron
leather gloves
17: Recommended TAP hole size for a #4 thread in aluminum is about
18: Painting aluminum is helped by
using latex paint
warming the aluminum first
drilling relief holes first
using a primer undercoat
19: Aluminum is bent using a
drill press
20: Mitering or rounding sharp corners
helps in the assembly process
keeps the tolerance closer
is done for safety
saves aluminum
21: Dating a drawing
makes for a boring Saturday night
is not generally done
is useful in the event of a patent
wastes space in the title block
22: The final report for this class
wastes a lot of paper
is a large factor in the final grade
has a 25 page minimum
can be used during a job application
23: Both Circuitmaker/Traxmaker and Autosketch are
unacceptable in this class
only usable in the MECH department
24: Making a purchasing document
is only useful if you are an accountant
is a valuable skill to learn
can be done using Traxmaker files
is not a part of this class
25: The power supply project
is only a learning device and not much good after this class
is only good for powering other MECH projects
is adjustable 0-15 volts at up to one ampere
will only provide a positive voltage output

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