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*discontinued product
**old board layout

These downloadable files are the only documentation that is available for past RST and Radio Systems Technology products at this time. Each RST product was originally shipped with a complete set of manuals and schematics. If you bought your unit second-hand, please contact the original owner for the manuals.

Current RST manuals are available for $10 per set. Schematics, diagrams, and manuals will not be faxed or e-mailed on demand.

This documentation is copyrighted by RST Engineering. You may freely mechanically reproduce or electronically store or reproduce any documentation for RST or Radio Systems Technology products for personal use. You may not publish or present this documentation as your own work or sell this material in whole or in part. You also may not sell or give away, in whole or in part, this documentation as part of any other product, including but not limited to antennas or other electronic or aircraft products.

Missing Parts

Our kits are all made by hand and mistakes can happen. Please inspect your kit to make sure you have all the parts listed. If you are missing a part in your kit, or you believe a part is defective, please contact us so that we so that we may honor our warranty.

Repair Service

Please read about our repair service page before returning your unit for check-out or repair.

Check-out is not included in the price of our kits. All of our kits are designed to be owner checked and serviced. We do not think it is fair to charge everyone for a service that only some may need or want.

RST Warranty and Return Policy

For the first 30 days after we ship you the kit, if you decide you want to return the kit (unassembled and in the same condition as it was shipped to you), do so postmarked within 30 days for a full refund less shipping costs. We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee for returned kits that are otherwise complete, but that need repackaging for resale.

For one calendar year after shipping, RST guarantees the kit to meet specifications or we will repair it in the RST Check-out Laboratory at Grass Valley. We specifically exclude assembly errors made by the owner/builder of the kit, and any modifications that the owner/builder chooses to make to our design, including but not limited to, using non-RST supplied parts. If there is a defect in our design or components, we will return the kit postpaid.

For one additional year, RST guarantees the components in the kit to meet specifications or we will replace the component upon our determination in the check-out laboratory that it is defective. We will replace the part.

Please contact us before returning your kit  for warranty work.


Manuals are available for any current RST kit for $10. If you decide to order the kit within 30 days of receiving the manual, the $10 is credited against your order. If there is any doubt about how a kit works, installs or interfaces with other equipment, please order the manual first to give yourself peace of mind that the kit will do the job you intend.

Applications Notes


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